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Net45 Math x64 Partial success

Feb 23, 2015 at 5:07 PM
Hi Guys, just wanted to report that I am having some success porting to net45, I know some people have been having issues with Math on net45 x64.
I think I have the Math libs working ok
Test results here:

I also had a look at implementing Sparse on x86 but ran out of time
BLAS, CURAND, FFT work on x86/x64/Any
SPARSE works on x64/Any(in an x64 process)

Unfortunately my card is only sm_30 so the sm_35 tests are unknown and I couldn't test the MultiGPU or Linux

NOTE I changed the build configs to make it easier to AB different net frameworks

Patch is here #17262
Hope it is useful to someone
Cheers jd