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Nov 9, 2011 at 8:57 AM

Hi all,

CUDA 4.1 RC has been released and briefly tested against CUDAfy.  by default CUDAfy V1.5 picks up the new nvcc compiler and uses the new nvcuda dll.  However the new CURAND, CUBLAS and CUFFT dlls will not work with current release since the full dll name is refered to explicitly: e.g. cublas64_40_17.dll.  If you must use the new dlls then here are the options:

  1. Wait until CUDA 4.1 official release and the subsequent new release of CUDAfy (recommended).
  2. Modify the source code in CUDA.NET project (search for the dll names).
  3. Rename the new dlls to the names of the old ones and make sure the old ones are no longer discovered first (not recommended)

With an RC there is still a good chance of nasty bugs so please be careful out there.

Best regards,