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Visual Basic

Dec 5, 2011 at 9:37 AM

While any .NET language should suffice there are some differences and things to be aware of.  At Hybrid DSP we work almost exclusively in C# when working in the .NET world with some forays into C++/CLI for some projects, so we pretty much rely on feedback as to what does and does not work from other .NET flavours.  In Visual Basic up to CUDAfy V1.5 you will get a Cudafy language exception saying "Checked expressions are not supported" if the Remove integer overflow checks option is not enabled in the Advanced Compile Options of the project Compile options tab.  As of 05 December 2011 a fix has been committed to the respository to transparently handle checked and unchecked code.  This will be available in the next CUDAfy release (V1.6).