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To build CUDAfy.NET from sources you of course first need to grab all the code from codeplex. It is advised to do this via source control such as SVN (via Tortoise is easiest) so you can easily remain up to date.

Once you've got the code go get the latest NUnit You'll need this for the unit test projects. Taking a look at the CUDAfy unit tests is a great way to learn about some of the more obscure features.

Okay, make sure the references to NUnit in the unit tests are valid; if not add them.

It is important to realize that the sources will not build the exact same single DLL that is part of the release. This is because that DLL is a merge of all the main DLLs. A commercial tool is used for this. Instead you will need to link to the individual DLLs as per the unit tests for example.

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